Evolution of the Vision

History of Media Literacy in the USA - Decade by Decade
While not an exhaustive survey, these historical papers, original source documents, conference reports, articles and reflections trace influences on the growth of media literacy in the USA. Even before the term "media literacy" was coined, pioneering teachers and thinkers were making important connections that would prepare the way for a new vision of literacy for the 21st century.
2010 --:   Foundation for basic media literacy laid; longitudinal evaluation demonstrating effectiveness of CML framework, continued world-wide interest.
2000 - 2010: New governmental interest, professional organization and expanding educational connections establish institutional foundation for growth.
1995  -  2000: Collaborative efforts, publishing and national conferences provide momentum for the movement and opportunities for professional growth.
1990 - 1995: The call for media literacy gathers steam. Pioneering projects build leadership; curriculum connections and teacher education create momentum
1980 - 1990: Meanwhile, outside the US, the field was flourishing
1977-1993: Media&Values Magazine chronicled growing influence of media culture and published early activities for the media literacy classroom
·         First issue predicts classroom revolution: I Hate It, but I Love It: Television and Listerine
·         Media critic Howard Rosenberg: Media&Values Quarterly Corners Common Sense
·         Issue #35 introduces first early outline for analyzing the media: Blueprint for Response-Ability
1970 - 1980: Early programs paved the way but U.S. wasn't ready
·         Church groups introduce Television Awareness Training for parents and adults
·         "Obstacles to the Development of Media Education in the U.S."by Robert Kubey, PhD
1960-1970: First experiments with media in schools
·         Foreword to The Children of Telstar by Eric Barnouw
·         Ford Foundation funds experimental high school TV program
Pre-1960: Early visionaries prepare the way
·         Marshall McLuhan- And the Revolution is...Media!
·         John Culkin, SJ: The Man Who Invented Media Literacy